JefBar Software Services is pleased to announce that JefBar has been purchased by ESO Solutions. 



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 JefBar is simply the best ambulance billing and dispatching software on the market today at an extremely affordable price.

Designed especially for your own ambulance/EMS company needs or for your billing company.

Our software continues to be improved every year. This year's release includes a large number of improvements for in-house billing and for billing companies.

Plus many improvements to our existing Dispatching system and with our newly released JefBar Dispatching 3.0 - dispatching will never be the same again.  Its flexibility will make you feel like you have your own custom software. 

JefBar now offers the most advanced software for ambulance billing companies to serve their clients

  • Provide Web access for your clients to view their own billing run data, patient accounts and view/print/run their own reports on demand when they want them - in real time
  • Import from any EPCR with NEMSIS data and preview and print the Data in easy to read and review formats
  • Scan and store any and all printed documents with the run or patient record
  • Import your Cash EOB and Store it with the Payment record and run data, retrieve it easily and print the page when needed directly from the ticket or AR record
  • Create custom fields and data for specialized reporting in minutes for unlimited reporting and tracking for your customers.

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